Commercial Real Estate Shows No Sign of Stagnating

Low interest rates and high demand drives growth in 3 Key Canadian Cities

Toronto, ON, May 15th, 2014 – Economists have suggested we would face a rough ride in real estate. But the bumps have yet to be felt and Canadians’ steady diet of expecting the worst, but finding the best, seems set to continue. A comparison of first quarter 2013 and 2014 Commercial sales figures from the greater Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver areas shows Canada’s high-end commercial real estate markets are going strong.

According to RealNet Canada Inc., between Q1 2013 and 2014, the number of transactions in the “greater than $1 million” category rose by 95 in the GTA to 481. The total dollar volume of sales rose from $2.8 to $4.3 billion. Similarly, 107 more transactions occurred in the GVA’s “greater than $1 million” category, showing a 48% increase in deal counts. Dollar volumes of sales rose 38% in this category.

While Calgary’s high-end markets showed less impressive increases, deal counts still went up by 4, with 93 transactions of over $1 million, and a 34% dollar volume growth in land transactions was noted. Calgary’s market is bolstered by the province’s rich oil and gas reserves, as well as a steady influx of job seekers.

Paul Richter, Director of Research at RealNet® , says, “No matter the size of the deal, Canadian investors have a penchant for longer-term investment strategies that ultimately limit risk. A high demand for higher value assets remains strong across the board. Low interest rates continue to attract both smaller business owners as well as developers and intensification policies in regions like Toronto drive developers to continue acquiring a growing number of infill development sites.”

Lucie Piazza, National Commercial Manager at Royal LePage Canada, emphasizes, “Agents across the country are focused on collaboration, to ensure their clients get the information and guidance they need in this impressive commercial market.”
Canada’s commercial figures tell of a burgeoning market, with promising signs of strength in the period to come.

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